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Turbonique Turbines
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In the early 1960's, Turbonique Inc., of Orlando, Fl. were the producers of  Thermolene a liquid monopropellant. To promote the fuel, they built six gas turbines and six 'thrust' engines ranging in performance from 23.75 to 360 lbs. thrust. Turbonique also produced complete kits for the twelve engines, a reduction gearbox that made it possible for any of the turbines to turn a propeller at 6000 rpm, and a supercharger.
The T-series engines are single-stage turbojets with centrifugal compressors and impulse turbines. The S-series 'thrust' engines are liquid fueled rockets.
The auxilliary-powered supercharger is essentially a Microturbo gas turbine engine direct-coupled to its centrifugal compressor. Unfortunately, Thermolene never became the hit Turbonique expected, because engine users found an ordinary air/kerosene mix  @ 300psi  cheaper and easier to obtain.
Fortunately for hobbyists, before going out of business in 1974, Turbonique supplied all of its dealers wth an 80 page manual containing plans for all of the engines with complete information on the casting and machining of the gears and the two gearbox covers.
The Technical Manual also contains photos of engines under construction, the kits, the engines installed in a 2-seat VTOL, in a go-kart, and with a gyrocopter prop. It has fuel substitution charts, fuel supply systems, instructions on fuel control, thrust charts, maintenance instructions, ignition schematics, and additional nozzle designs with the pertinant formulas.
This is a treasury of material for the dedicated jet engine builder.
"Join The Jet Set"...................................Karting World 9/64.
"Do-It-Yourself Turbine"...........................Car Life 7/63.
"Engineers Dream".................................Science and Mechanics 6/63
"55 Pounds, 200Mph Drag Engine"..........Popular Hot Rodding 3/64
 I was the last dealer to have Turbonique engines in stock. In the years since 1974, a Thermolene formulation has been  marketed under the name Normal Propyl Nitrate. I've opened this site to help the builders who are still working on their projects and require some assistance with plans, updates, the assembly sequence, or just a bit more encouragement to see this wonderful project through to completion.
I'll make all of the updates available, keep adding to the Bibliography, offer technical assistance, and post pictures for anyone who'd like to communicate with other Turbonique owners.
I can supply updated copies of  The Technical Manual..............$25.
And reprints of:
"Formula J Operator's Manual" (Owner's Manual for the jet kart)
"Join the Jet Set"
"Do-It-Yourself Turbine"

The Turbonique mounted on a single-seat kart.


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